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Having you check on us now, we must say we are indeed elated. This step of yours tells us that you are indeed ready to have a full security overhaul,

We pride ourselves in the prompt delivery of our services. All we ask, is that you just commit your security issues to us, and see how safe and better it becomes..

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Useful Security Tips

  • Be Informed – Knowledge.
  • Be Alert – Vigilant.
  • Be Proactive – prevention is key.
  • Be Simple – Less Egoistic.
  • Be Restrictive – Access Control.
  • Report any strange movements



Security Q & A

Security Specialist

1What is security?

Great to know the term security! Security is the freedom from danger and/or loss. Security connotes a condition of safety, it is being able to live, work and play without fear of being harm, injured or intimidated. It is an economic, social, political, religious states of getting secured

2Is it okay to have a name written on a childs cloth

once a stranger knows the name of a child, he can approach the child confidently, call his/her name and then proceed to win his/her confidence. Protecting a Childs identity is an important aspect of child security. Parents should avoid and condemn the writing of a childs name prominently on school backpack, books, sweaters etc.

3Why Do I need Security?

Everyone needs security, your entire life depends on security, definitely if you are not secured you cant sleep in your home at night, you cant go to work in the morning… basically you needs security for
1. life safety: protecting us from armed rubbers, kidnappers murderers jealous lovers, etc.
2. Injury avoidance, it is not pleasurable to have broken thighs caused by bullets wounds so we need security. 4. Loss avoidance We define loss as the decrease in value. Security helps you to avoid loss through adequate ways of protecting our properties.

4should my child leave the group and find his/her way when a school bus breaks down?

Criminals will rather preferto attack a child isolated from a group than attack the entire group. Teach your child that there is strength in numbers.

5What is the Cost of Insecurity?

Death could be the maximum price of insecurity. The result of insecurity is never pleasurable, it is definitely loss, or decrease in value. The pains, time, gratifications, morale problem, loss of life, ransom are all but few of the cost of insecurity.

Osajie Dickson Omodiale

Security Adviser & Friend